Apply Canada GCMS Notes

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Why request GCMS Notes

GCMS Notes refers to the notes prepared by government officers to in the the Global Case Management System, a software used by the government of Canada to process applications.

Requesting GCMS Notes does not affect your application in any way.

GCMS Notes can be requested from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) or CBSA. Learn more about the difference between GCMS notes from IRCC and CBSA

GCMS notes can be used to:

  • Request the status of your current visa application,
  • Get details of how your past applications were evaluated
  • Get personal information submitted with your visa application such as documents and forms.
  • Understand visa rejection reasons or
  • Find the reasons for delays in the processing of your application

Current GCMS Notes processing times

As of January 2024, the current processing time is 20 days. IRCC and CBSA are required to respond to Access to Information and Privacy requests within 30 days of request.

This period can be extended by another 30 days in certain circumstances.

Learn more about the current GCMS Notes processing times.

How to request GCMS notes

You can request GCMS notes using one of the options below:

  GCMS Notes Complete File
CBSA Notes
What does it include

Complete records of visa application; case history and notes created by assessing officers

Complete records of IRCC visa application including entire case history, officer notes, and copies of all documents and forms sent from/to by client

Electronic notes from CBSA; includes visa application checks and information on security screenings conducted by the Canadian Border Security Agency

Why request it Find the status of your visa application or learn why your application was refused

Find the status of your visa application, learn why your application was refused and find out the information sent to IRCC at the time of your application

Helpful when applying for PR card or citizenship. Calculate the number of days spent in Canada.

Which agencies are involved

Available to request from IRCC as well as CBSA. By default we only send requests to the IRCC.

CBSA only

What is the processing time

Current processing time: 20 Days. Maximum processing time: 30 Days (enforced by law).

Format of delivery

Documents are securely delivered through your GCMS dashboard in pdf format.

Cost $19 $35 $25
Order now Order GCMS Notes Order Entire File Order CBSA Notes

Frequently asked questions

The cost of GCMS notes is $19. The cost of copies of GCMS notes + copies of your uploaded documents is $35. Requesting electronic notes from CBSA would cost $25. Order here

You will receive a notification on your primary and secondary emails when the file/s become available. Your notes can be accessed using the secure GCMS dashboard.

As of March 19, 2023, the current processing times for GCMS notes requests is 20 days. The Access to Information Request Act requires the government to respond to all requests within 30 calendar days.

You can email us your details to to cancel your order and request a refund. Learn more about our refund policy here.

You can download a sample GCMS Notes file from here.

Download sample CBSA notes from here.