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What information do CBSA notes include?

CBSA notes can include a range of information related to the interaction between CBSA officers and individuals during immigration applications or border crossings. The specific details may vary depending on the circumstances and purpose of the interaction, but generally, CBSA notes may include:

  1. Personal information: Name, date of birth, passport or travel document details, nationality, and other identifying information about the individual.
  2. Purpose of travel: The reason for the individual’s visit to Canada, such as tourism, study, work, or immigration.
  3. Travel history: Previous trips to Canada or other countries, including dates, duration of stay, and any immigration or visa-related issues encountered.
  4. Employment details: Information about the individual’s current or intended employment in Canada, including job offers, work permits, and employer details.
  5. Financial information: Details about the individual’s financial resources, including funds available for their stay, sponsorship or financial support from others, and evidence of financial stability.
  6. Family information: Information about the individual’s family members, such as spouses, children, or dependents, who may be accompanying or joining them in Canada.
  7. Goods declaration: If applicable, details about the goods or belongings the individual is bringing into or taking out of Canada, including declarations of valuable items, restricted items, or customs-related concerns.
  8. Immigration history: Information about previous immigration applications, refusals, removals, or any other immigration-related issues.
  9. Security or admissibility concerns: Notes about any concerns or issues that may arise during the interaction, such as criminal records, security risks, health concerns, or misrepresentations.
  10. Officer’s observations: The officer’s impressions, assessments, or observations regarding the individual’s credibility, truthfulness, or compliance with immigration laws and procedures. These notes also include application assessment notes by IRCC officers.

It’s important to note that the extent of information included in CBSA notes may depend on the discretion and judgment of the individual CBSA officer conducting the interview or interaction. The purpose of these notes is to document the relevant details of the interaction and assist in assessing the individual’s admissibility or eligibility for entry into Canada.

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