Types of Canadian Visas

Issuance of a visa depends on the type of residence permit (study, work, permanent etc.) an individual has.

Below is a list of counterfoil codes on Canadian visas.

Category CodeDescription
B-1Business Visitor
F-1Facilitation Visa
IM-1Immigrant (single-entry visa for PR)
PA-1Permit Holder
PAX-1National Interest TRP
PC-1Permit Holder with Valid TRP
PG-1Parents or Grandparents Super Visa
R-1Passed-Residency Obligation
RA-1Presence at Appeal
RC-1Passed H&C – PR Travel Document
RX-1Attending a PR hearing while you were present in Canada in the past 365 days.
S-1A student with Study Permit
SW-1An international student with Study & Work Permit
SX-1A student exempt from the requirement to obtain a Study Permit
VH-1Visitor in Transit for not more than 48 hours
W-1A worker with Work Permit
WX-1A worker exempt from the requirement to obtain a Work Permit